We know Eye for Pharma attendees are focused on how to revolutionize the patient experience – and, accordingly, their commercial performance. And, IPM.ai can help you do just that. At IPM.ai, we build powerful, agile, ever-evolving modes off of claims data and, via our partnership with Swoop, execute on cross-functional DTC and HCP campaigns. We find the ideal patient through our smart use of machine learning and artificial intelligence and help you target that patient (and their associated HCP) through personal promotion, non personal promotion, and online advertising. Of course, all this is done using faster analytics combined with a culture of innovation! Imagine a world of seamless omni-channel marketing from click to claim. Ok, stop imagining…we’re already there!

Does this sound like a match? If so, drop us a line at [email protected]. Hope to see you in Philly!

PS: The first person (client side attendees only) to find an IPM.ai employee and mention this blog post will win a $100 Amazon gift card! Happy Hunting!

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