Insmed Webinar

Utilizing AI in Conjunction with RWD to Uncover the Patient Diagnostic and Treatment Journey

The Power of AI to Improve Rare Disease Patient Outcomes at Scale: A Case Study in NTM

Listen as we discuss the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to engage rare disease patients who could benefit from new therapies and modalities of care, thus improving their outcomes. Together with Insmed, we discuss their business needs, illustrate our approach and relay how Insmed leveraged our partnership to facilitate earlier diagnosis and help physicians understand treatment regimes. We also review how we applied aggregated learnings from Arikayce patients against a broader medical claims database and identified patients most likely to have Refractory MAC lung disease. Finally, we reveal how Insmed leverages both personal and non personal activation to educate physicians about disease states and the drug that could effectively treat this condition.

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Areejit Phukan
Director Analytics & Forecasting



Vice President Consulting



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