Our Patient Finding Solutions are anchored by best in class Data Assets and cutting edge Artificial Intelligence. These data assets include:

Diagnostic Patient Journey

280 Million unique US patients

99% of US Healthcare Providers

89% of US hospitals

96% of US Outpatient Facilities

98% of US IDNs

Online Footprint

URL-level Modeling

80% of All US Health Traffic

Both Consumer and HCP Traffic

100M+ Consumers and 1M+ HCPs Seen Every Month

Through the application of advanced AI we are able to transform this data into the Ideal Population that can be activated across all of your channels in a true Omni-channel fashion. Examples of this include:

Patient Acquisition

Whether your goal is to; drive overall market growth, increase market share at the expense of competitive therapies, or to improve therapy adherence, IPM.ai can work with you to define the Ideal Patient and HCP populations to achieve these objectives.

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Undiagnosed Rare Disease

Identifying rare disease patients presents a number of unique problems. The ability to integrate unique and proprietary data sets in a HIPAA compliant way, as well as employing cutting edge AI that can uncover complex, temporally sensitive interactions across multiple conditions, are both critical to identifying the correct population.

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Therapy Line Progression

Often it is not enough to know that a patient is diagnosed with a certain condition. The critical information for your purpose is instead WHEN will that patient progress to the next line of therapy. Identifying these patients just before this happens allows you to identify just the right population at just the right time. The timeliness of this information, for both the patient, the HCP and your Personal Promotion team is critical – which is why IPM.ai updates the AI models with the most recent data every 2 weeks.

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Clinical Trial Recruitment

Identifying the correct population for Clinical Trails present a unique set challenges. Finding the correct patients, with the correct medical history, in the required age, sex and ethnic mix – all constrained by the geography of the trial sites. IPM.ai’s unique data assets combined with advanced AI capabilities provide the ideal populations to target to meet these tight constraints.

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