Find Your Ideal Patient and HCP Populations

If you have a 2nd- or 3rd-line therapy, the biggest marketing challenge you often face is how to find those patients, just before they are ready to move to the next level of therapy. Our advanced AI provides the model to predict this patient progression, and link those patients to their HCP. This ability can be especially valuable in areas such as Oncology, where reaching the patient and the HCP at the proper point of the disease is critical to care.

Unlock hidden patterns in diagnostic work-ups to find pre-diagnosis rare disease patients

Engage The Ideal Population to Support Your Marketing Objectives

Our patient progression models are updated every two weeks, ensuring the timely identification of these patients and HCPs. In the evolving world of personalized medicine this is critical. Now, precise patient level data can be used to improve care based on AI interpretation of real world outcomes.

Communicate directly with potential patients and their caregivers regarding rare diseases and your solution

Convert To Real-World Business Objectives

Every engagement is driven by real world success metrics linked to your Marketing challenge. Since every interaction is linked back to an identity in the health data we track every program against the desired diagnostic outcome. And these outcomes, positive or negative, are fed back into the AI model for continued improvement.

Increase physician awareness of rare diseases