Find Your Ideal Patient and HCP Populations

Identifying rare disease patients presents a number of unique problems. The ability to integrate unique and proprietary data sets in a HIPAA compliant way, as well as employing cutting edge AI that can uncover complex, temporally sensitive interactions across multiple conditions, are both critical to identifying the correct population. Whether it is Patient Registry data, lab data, or specific bio-markers, has a unique ability to ingest this data to improve our AI models, thanks to our patent-pending PrIAvacy architecture. The only data storage architecture to be HIPAA certified.

Unlock hidden patterns in diagnostic work-ups to find pre-diagnosis rare disease patients

Engage The Ideal Population To Support Your Marketing Efforts

Once the population with the highest probability of needing your therapy has been matched to their physicians and a coordinated online campaign is implemented to educate both the patient and the HCP, our work has only just begun. Given the importance of timely intervention our AI models are updated on a 2 week cycle and a Rep trigger is provided for any HCP that has a newly identified patient. In this way your Personal Promotions team can ensure the HCP has the critical, timely information they need to successfully diagnose and begin therapy.

Increase physician awareness of rare diseases

Convert To Real-World Business Objectives

Every engagement is driven by real world success metrics linked to your Marketing challenge. Since every interaction is linked back to an identity in the health data we track every program against the desired diagnostic outcome. And these outcomes, positive or negative, are fed back into the AI model for continued improvement.

Communicate directly with potential patients and their caregivers regarding rare diseases and your solution