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IPM.ai Expands Its Data Universe with Specialty Pharmacy and Payer Master Enhancements

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By: Nitin Choudhary, EVP & GM, IPM.ai

IPM.ai is pleased to announce that it has expanded its data universe of over 300 million de-identified patients and 65 billion anonymized social determinants of health signals with new specialty pharmacy and payer master data assets. These additional pools of data will further enhance IPM.ai's ability to transform real world data into real world insights that allow pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to accelerate the development and commercialization of life improving treatments, optimizing patient outcomes faster and with less risk.

Specialty Pharmacy Data

The growth of the specialty medication market and specialty pharmacies has allowed patients to receive the focused, high-touch care needed for their conditions. These providers deliver patient support and education services for medications that are often high-cost and require specialized handling and administration.

IPM.ai has enhanced our already robust coverage by adding specialty pharmacy data, including biosimilars, which helps track the continuity of care. This data further expands IPM.ai’s ability to deliver highly relevant insights at critical decision moments during the product lifecycle by adding new de-identified patients and increased claims coverage across therapeutic areas. Examples include:

  • Immunology: 8.2% new patients, 7.7% more claims
  • Oncology: 2.5% new patients, 4.9% more claims
  • Vaccines: 3.7% new patients, 2.6% more claims

By unifying these assets, customers will be able to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the patient journey, composition of care events and touchpoints leading to diagnosis and treatment.
  • More effectively uncover undiagnosed and misdiagnosed patients who could benefit from life-saving treatments.
  • Identify the HCPs caring for patients at critical moments during the diagnostic and treatment journey for interception and education.
  • Surface influential HCPs with expert product knowledge who have an outsized impact on the behavior of others.

Managed Care Data

Claims datasets offer some of the most comprehensive views into patients' health experiences. IPM.ai's ability to transform this data into highly valuable insights that has helped clients more effectively assess markets, accelerate clinical trial recruitment, successfully launch new products and achieve peak sales attainment, all while aiding those most in need of treatment.

However, gaps in coverage, such as inconsistently populated and noisy payer information can potentially lead to confusion and the misidentification of payer groups or channels. By expanding its best-in-class claims data* with augmented payer mastering, IPM.ai is now able to bring transparency to the managed care space. With these enhancements, IPM.ai customers can now:

  • Gain enhanced visibility into Medicare payer and Medicaid managed care programs.
  • Bring structure to relationships within channel-enterprise-payer entity hierarchies to ensure all functional areas of the organization are aligned, improving collaboration and impact.
  • Accurately assess payer opportunity with granularity down to the prescriber level, or as aggregated as the book of business, allowing for more nuanced calibration of payer contracting.

These new data sets will allow customers to evaluate the competitive landscape or impact of market access outcomes on various patient-level metrics. From pharmacy data to medical benefits or a combination of both, payer-level insights provide:

  • Alert-level intelligence, including which newly diagnosed patients have favorable managed care criteria or have encountered an actionable rejection for the product in focus, empowering the field with precise messaging strategies.
  • Patient journey analysis such as examining how treatment and diagnosis journeys vary by cohort based on commercial vs. Medicare/Medicaid coverage.
  • Insights into the providers, healthcare organizations and integrated delivery networks that are managing patients in preferred channels and at what rate.
  • Better understanding of formulary information at subnational (i.e., geographic) and indication/disease levels.

Together, these new data investments will enhance IPM.ai's already award-winning system of insight, ensuring that pharmaceutical and life sciences companies can more effectively realize commercial objectives and improve the lives of patients.

To learn more about these enhancements and why more than 70 biotechnology and pharmaceutical leaders already trust IPM.ai, contact us today.

*Data available for more than 98% of prescribers across both Rx and Mx claims universes, including over 10 years of history and 300 million unique, de-identified patients. In the past year, 97% of Rx patients and 64% of all patients were linked to a valid payer and channel. Formulary coverage is present for approximately 80% of all pharmacy patients.

About the Author

Nitin Choudhary

EVP & GM, IPM.ai 



Nitin brings nearly 20 years of experience in life sciences analytics and consulting across specialty, oncology and rare disease at every stage of product development and commercialization. He previously served as a Principal Consultant for Symphony Health and as a Senior Engagement Manager for MarketRx (a Cognizant company).


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