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IPM.ai Recognized as One of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2022 by Fast Company

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IPM.ai’s transformative approach to patient-finding for specialty and rare conditions captures the #2 spot in the data science category.

IPM.ai is proud to announce it has been named one of the World's Most Innovative Companies of 2022 by Fast Company. As the industry leader in uncovering undiagnosed and misdiagnosed specialty and rare disease patients via machine learning and artificial intelligence, IPM.ai ranks second in the Data Science category. This recognition is a nod to IPM.ai’s transformative approach to accelerating the development, clinical study and commercialization of precision medicine by health care and life sciences companies. Since its inception in 2008, Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies list has been the definitive source for identifying innovative companies shaping society and moving the world forward.

"We are honored and privileged to be named as one of the world’s Most Innovative Companies in Data Science by Fast Company," said IPM.ai co-founder and president Ron Elwell. "Rare diseases pose distinct challenges for drug development, particularly at critical decision points in the product lifecycle. With small and largely undiagnosed populations, traditional approaches to patient finding for these conditions are reliant on previously diagnosed patients and typically result in highly inaccurate outcomes. Our approach uncovers patients with the highest likelihood of disease manifestation, whether diagnosed, undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, leading to earlier disease interception and optimal patient outcomes faster and with less risk.”

IPM.ai's HIPAA-compliant system of insight applies artificial intelligence and machine learning against a tokenized, real world data universe of more than 300 million de-identified patient journeys, 65 billion anonymous social determinants of health signals and first-party sources of any type and scale such as genetic testing, laboratory research and epidemiological assessments. By uncovering patients who present with a rare disease using privacy-safe real world data, IPM.ai creates the ideal patient definition, models undiagnosed and misdiagnosed lookalike patients and maps patient treatment journeys to associated primary care physicians and specialists. This augmented intelligence approach can be applied across the product lifecycle, from rapidly assessing the size of a market for an orphan drug to uncovering patients with the highest propensity for successful clinical study screening and those most likely to begin a newly-launched or in-market therapy.

About IPM.ai 

IPM.ai (www.ipm.ai) transforms real-world data into real-world insights that uncover the ideal patient and their healthcare ecosystem so that life sciences companies can accelerate the successful development, clinical study and commercialization of critical therapies for specialty and rare diseases. IPM.ai’s Insights as a Service (IaaS) platform optimizes drug development, clinical study, product launch and commercial operations by utilizing granular-level longitudinal analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning in conjunction with a real-world data universe of over 300 million de-identified patient journeys and 65 billion anonymized social determinants of health signals. We’re making the promise of precision medicine an analytical reality. And we are just getting started. 




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