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2023 Survey: Automation Is Ubiquitous for Orphan and Specialty Drug Commercialization

87% of Biopharma Respondents Use AI/ML for Post-Market Activities, But Key Missed Opportunities...

Using ML/AI to Find the Right Patients at the Right Time: A Conversation with AVEO Oncology

By: John Seaner, CMO,

Ganesh Rajaratnam, Senior Director of Commercial Operations,...

Building a Rare Disease Franchise with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

By: John Seaner, CMO,

Nitin Choudhary, Managing Principal of and Richard...'s Clinical Trial Recruitment Solution Featured in MM&M

By: John Seaner, CMO,

Allison Rhee of MM&M reports on's answer to patient...

Kyowa Kirin Uses AI/ML to Uncover Undiagnosed Patients

By: John Seaner, CMO,

The rare disease patient journey can be arduous. Many patients...

John Garcia of Alnylam Discusses Finding Patients With Rare Disease

By: John Seaner, CMO,

Challenges are an inevitability when building a drug portfolio...

Using ML and AI to Infer HCP Specialties

By: John Seaner, CMO,

Specialty Physician Identification: Your Best Targets Could Be...