Our unparalleled ability to develop the Ideal Population most suited to your Marketing Challenge is rooted in our unique set of data assets. When combined with cutting edge AI techniques these populations can now be engaged in the right place, at the right time to create a true Omni-Channel solution to your marketing efforts.

Pharmaceutical Marketing

IPM.ai enables the transformation of patient data into an integrated commercialization plan. These plans; identify the Ideal Patient and HCP population that satisfy your objectives, coordinate online advertising between the patient and their HCP, as well as provide triggers to your Personal Promotion team. All updated with the most recent patient health data every 2 weeks.

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Automotive Sales

Through the combination of data that includes a view of the online journey an in-market consumer takes, as well as location data tracking actual dealer visits, we employ advanced AI to help automotive brands Find, Engage and Convert in-market automotive shoppers

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Artificial Intelligence

Employing a wide array of cutting edge AI techniques such as; Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing . Ensemble Regression outputs and Non-parametric models, we are able to uncover new clues that will help you realize your marketing goals. Whether it is discovering previously unknown relationships between health conditions, or identifying in-market auto shoppers, IPM.ai is at the cutting edge of turning data into actionable insights.

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What People Are Saying

Thanks for taking the time to explain your system. It’s incredibly exciting and particularly necessary for the dynamics of our disease state given the multiplicity of HCP specialties that are involved in diagnosis and treatment of patients that suffer from AHPs.

— Aaron Beitner, Associate Director, Brand Management Alnylam Pharmaceuticals


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