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No matter how much information we put out into the public airwaves, some questions will always remain.  And that's why we've put together responses to the most common questions we receive from our prospects, clients and partners.


Who is IPM.ai?

IPM.ai empowers the world’s leading life sciences companies to improve patient lives by intercepting the diagnostic and treatment journey through our proprietary system of insight. We can discover, engage and activate the ideal patient, including those who are currently misdiagnosed or undiagnosed by utilizing granular-level longitudinal analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning in conjunction with real world data, social determinants of health signals and a research pool of over 300 million de-identified patients.

What does IPM.ai do?

We enable our clients to uncover, engage and activate rare disease patients who are likely to benefit from new therapies and modalities of care. We serve the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies, helping research, development, clinical, commercial and analytics professionals make better decisions quicker and with less risk throughout all phases of the product lifecycle.

How does IPM.ai differ from competitors?

IPM.ai differs from our competitors by being exclusively focused on rare and specialty disease. We uncover de-identified undiagnosed and misdiagnosed patients, mapping their treatment journey and discovering their HCP ecosystem. This leads to opportunities for precision engagement as treating physicians can be intercepted and educated about relevant interventional therapies. By understanding a patient’s health journey through predictive analysis and receiving weekly insights as health events occur, it’s possible to intercept HCPs at the opportune moment when a treatment will be most effective, leading to better outcomes while also maximizing patient lifetime value.

Who are IPMai's clients?

IPM.ai has partnered with more than 70 of the world’s foremost pioneers in precision medicine.

How can IPM.ai help me?

We can assist in all phases of the product lifecycle as our capabilities include market assessment, patient finding and profiling, treatment journey mapping, HCP identification, patient and HCP segmentation, referral network mapping, specialty inference, KOL discovery and HCP activation.

What are IPM.ai's data sources?

IPM.ai utilizes Datavant and Epsilon as its primary suppliers of data and related services. Our main data universe includes ten years of granular-level longitudinal profiles of more than 300 million unique de-identified patients, which covers 99% of all health care providers, 98% of all healthcare systems, 96% of all outpatient facilities and 89% of all hospitals in the United States. We can also invoke over 65 billion anonymous consumer transactions representing over 3,100 consumer segments.

How often are IPM.ai's data sources refreshed?

IPM.ai’s data sources are refreshed weekly, providing insight about the patient diagnostic and treatment journey to our clients in near real time. 

Can IPM.ai incorporate other data sources when building an audience?

Yes, IPM.ai’s platform architecture easily allows us to curate, transform, integrate, and unify any disparate, unconnected or unstructured data source, as well as client first-party data, no matter the scale.

How does IPM.ai ensure privacy?

Our partner, Datavant, creates irreversible, site-specific tokens for each record in a two-step approach that allows common tokens to match records at the de-identified level without personal, identifiable information or protected health information ever entering the IPM.ai system. IPM.ai’s patented privacy-safe architecture and data processing methodology is HIPAA certified, uniquely positioning us to combine disparate data sets – including clients’ first-party data – without the need for a lengthy and expensive recertification process. IPM.ai can discover health care providers that treat ideal patients via our claims dataset with all identities kept completely anonymous.

What is the history of IPM.ai?

IPM.ai was founded in 2017 by CEO Ron Elwell and CTO Simeon Simoeonov. Ron was previously an Operating Partner at Bessemer Ventures and served on the Boards of several companies including MFORMA (acquired by Electronic Arts), Enforta (acquired by ER Telecom) and ReefEdge (acquired by Symantec). Ron was formerly CEO of Goal.com, the world’s second-largest online sports media company which was acquired by Perform Media Group, and CEO of Octave Communications, a former leader in the design and manufacturing of voice and data infrastructure now owned by Plantronics.

Simeon was previously Founding CTO of Evidon (acquired by CrownPeak) and Thing Labs (acquired by AOL) and a founding investor in Veracode, now Broadcom. Simeon has also worked in more expansive VC roles including as an Entrepreneur in Residence at General Catalyst Partners and as a Technology Partner for Polaris Partners. Prior to investing, Sim was Vice President of Emerging Technologies and Chief Architect at Macromedia (acquired by Adobe), and Founder and Chief Architect at Allaire, one of the first internet platform companies whose flagship product, ColdFusion, ran thousands of sites such as Priceline and MySpace.




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