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Product Announcement

Utilizing Augmented Intelligence to Drive Optimal Decisions Throughout the Specialty and Rare Disease Product Lifecycle

By: Dan Fisher, Principal,

Life sciences and healthcare companies that set out to pioneer...

A New Reference Model for Clinical Study Recruitment

By: Dan Fisher, Principal,

Conventional clinical study recruitment methods for rare diseases...'s Clinical Trial Recruitment Solution Featured in MM&M

By: Dan Fisher, Principal,

Allison Rhee of MM&M reports on's answer to patient...

Using Non-Traditional Data to Unlock Disease Insights & Improve Outcomes

By: Dan Fisher, Principal,

Though it’s not often discussed, the most difficult aspect of... and Momenta at the 62nd Annual ASH Meeting

Our own Julie Gubitosa and Graham Jones accompanied by Keith R. McCrae, MD of the Cleveland Clinic...

Artificial Intelligence Modeling Techniques to Uncover Patient Events

High Noise Healthcare Data Environments Are a Prime Candidate for Advanced Technologies