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IPM.ai Uncovers 47% of New Patients for AVEO Oncology’s FOTIVDA®

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By: Nitin Choudhary, EVP & GM, IPM.ai


For rare and specialty oncology, low incidence rates complicate patient finding – and targeting HCPs who treat relapsing or refractory patients leads to further challenges. However, predicting patients on the cusp of progression offers biopharma a unique opportunity to impact treatment decisions. IPM.ai transforms real world data into real world insights to uncover the ideal patient, their treatment journey, and their healthcare ecosystem so that life sciences companies can accelerate the successful development and commercialization of therapies that lead to optimal patient outcomes.

The Challenge 

AVEO Oncology had launched a third-line therapy in an established oncology market. As time to progression varies from 3 months to 1.5 years, the company wanted to find and educate relevant treating HCPs within this key window, providing them with more timely messaging to convert new patients.

The Solution 

IPM.ai designed alerts to predict a therapy change 2-3 months before it occurred. A machine learning (ML) model was trained based on ~3,000 de-identified ideal patients that had started a third-line therapy. IPM.ai’s real world data universe of 300 million anonymized patients were then analyzed based on their similarity to this group. The ML model was able to predict patients by following their journey, which typically involved kidney-related conditions, treatment manifestations and signs of disease progression, frequent medical/outpatient visits, metabolic or blood tests and imaging tests. 

The Outcome 

Progressing patients were accurately identified, which the company believes led to conversion and elevated script lift – every 4 alerts from IPM.ai resulted in a therapy change within 2-3 months. AVEO estimates that approximately 47% of Q1 2022 new patient starts originated from IPM.ai with 84% of predicted leads relevant, helping the brand reach the appropriate patients sooner. “By partnering with IPM.ai, we were able to find more patients, faster – something we wouldn't have achieved without an advanced system of insight targeting treating physicians at the right time in the patient journey,” Ganesh Rajaratnam, Senior Director Commercial Ops, Insights & Analytics at AVEO Oncology. 


About the Author

Nitin Choudhary

EVP & GM, IPM.ai 



Nitin brings nearly 20 years of experience in life sciences analytics and consulting across specialty, oncology and rare disease at every stage of product development and commercialization. He previously served as a Principal Consultant for Symphony Health and as a Senior Engagement Manager for MarketRx (a Cognizant company).





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