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Ron Elwell, CEO and Founder of IPM.ai Wins MM+M’s Pinnacle Award

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By: John Seaner, CMO, IPM.ai/Swoop

Ron Elwell, CEO and founder of IPM.ai is a proud recipient of MM+M’s Pinnacle Award. This is the second year of the program, which honors 25 of the medical marketing industry’s most venerable marketers, strategists and creators. Although these industry leaders have reached peaks in their careers and shaped the industry, their work and commitment to innovation is ongoing. 

“Medical marketing is an ever-changing business, which makes staying ahead of trends and new technologies almost a full-time job in itself,” said MM+M editor-in-chief Larry Dobrow. “That makes the achievement of Pinnacle Award honorees even more impressive: Not only have they evolved with the times, but they’ve also continued to operate at a high level throughout.”

Ron has been a career-long disrupter, approaching business challenges with an outsider’s perspective. After observing that gene sequencing was enabling development of specialty/rare disease therapies while blockbuster drugs were losing patent rights, Ron created IPM.ai. IPM.ai utilizes ML/AI technologies and an extensive Real World Data universe to discover undiagnosed and misdiagnosed specialty and rare disease patients. 

By upending traditional – and ineffective – approaches to patient-finding, Ron is providing increased incentive for companies to more effectively research, develop, study and commercialize life-saving therapies quicker and with less risk. To date, IPM.ai has helped over 70 companies more effectively develop new molecules, conduct clinical studies and launch new drugs that have markedly improved quality of life. 

Ron hopes this award will encourage others to solve intractable problems in healthcare with fresh approaches.

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John Seaner

Chief Marketing Officer

John leads a team charged with amplifying our brand, communicating the organization’s business value, and earning the loyalty of our clients. He has a 30 year track record of driving innovation, operational improvement, profitable revenue growth and sustainable competitive advantage for technology companies ranging from early-stage startups to global billion-dollar public organizations. John previously served as Chief Marketing Officer of 1010data, provider of analytical intelligence, consumer insights and data sharing solutions; Chief Marketing Officer of Signals Analytics, an early pioneer in the emerging Decision Science as a Service space; and Vice President of Global Growth Marketing at Medidata Solutions, the world’s leading clinical development lifecycle platform utilized by over 1,500 life sciences companies. Throughout his career his teams have earned notable awards and accolades, most recently for pioneering new approaches in account-based marketing, including the use of digital ethnography to uncover the customer decision journey, the utilization of data science to optimize demand activation and the application of signals intelligence to enhance customer empathy. 


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